Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hi There...Where the Hell is Spring ?

I can't believe it has been so long since I have blogged.
A lot of my favorite blogs have gone quiet. I am not sure why. I jnow that I was spending some yime on Facebook and other things, I got my tweets going on as you can see ! Hee Hee ! But I have missed my little blog. Ya'll miss me ? All 5 of you ?

Well I have been knitting but not taking enough pictures. I have ended my carreer as a yarn snob and used Berocco Comfort for a baby project. it was great, I really enjoyed working with it. I made a layette featuring the Trellis pattern as a little mannish manly cardi! And I also made the Pimp My Longies Pattern for little pants, What a fun little pattern. I am going to incorporate this pattern into my Charity Knitting portfolio. What makes the pants cool is his adorable little gusset at the crotch. What could be warmer than little longies ? O I swoon... A lot of the patterns were just tubes, but this has flair.

The Charity Drive was an amzing success, We were blessed with gifties fom some very nice people, plus we recieved a delivery of five huge boxes packed chock full of knitted things.

I goota go. But I will be back soon. Sorry no pix. They are on Flickr I think...

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DeanB said...

I'll look for you on Facebook & Twitter. Glad to see some blog action. "All 5 of you" goes for my readership too.