Friday, January 23, 2009

OKC !!!

This was an knitting blog , right ? I will report three FO's- Finished Objects.

A pair of "Sweeties" Fingerless mitts my own design. Knit in Karaoke, didn't they match up nicelt ? I am amused at my own cleverness !

...and a picture of The Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby cardigan blocking on wire hblockers. The front edges of this little cardigan can be a little wonky. This is the first time used these blockers picked up during my trip west ( as in slightly to the west of Boston, with reanie beanie last year. They worked rather well.

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Anonymous said...

The baby sweater looks so sweet. Which book is the pattern in ? I love your fingerless mitts. Kinda need a pair for driving. Maybe next year I will make them for family for Christmas....

"Gator" Ruth