Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yesterday I spoke with Ty, Dietmar, Andrew and Cathy about voting. All but one are registered to vote and insured me that they will vote in November.
I asked my mom if my niece Nikki was registerd and she replied, "Well she couldn't live here if she wasn't !" My mom works the polls in my home town in New Jersey so everybody votes in her house !

44 to go !

Finished the Purple sweater in organic Pakucho cotton. It is soaking right now. Hopefully I;ll be able towear it and take a photo of it tommorrow. I know it won't dry over night by itself, though.

Above is pictured the Ginormous sock. I had started it when Afghans for Afganistan had requested knitted items for the workers of Roots for Peace, a group that plants
grape vines where land mines previously existed in Afghanistan. I wanted to be sure that the socks would be for a large person, but these were huge and my hands started to bother me because these were to be worsted weight socks. So I put them down. My good friend KDay volunteered to finish the knitting and I was so grateful. So I sent them to California and she is finishing them up as we speak. She mentioned if I wanted them shortened as it seems that they would fit a man's size 14 foot. Ha Ha! I told her to do what ever she could so that they would fit a normal size person.